Seattle Food Review: The Crab Pot

My favorite food is crab. My first trip to Seattle, my Dad, Great-Grandma and I were at the Crab Pot getting lunch when I saw the table next to us served one of the restaurant’s famous “sea feasts” (by famous, I mean legitimately as-seen-on-Travel Channel-famous). They literally pour a steaming heap of seafood on your paper-covered table, hand you a mallet, and tell you to have at it. That is my idea of heaven. No joke. I will hammer crab legs for their juicy, juicy meat until the second coming of Christ.

…Anyway. I made this the first dinner of our trip because I’d been wanting to return to actually order the sea feast for a long damn time. It was also a nice way to start out the trip.Ultimately, the food didn’t live up to me standards. Once you’ve had fresh crab cooked right on the dock, nothing offered by a touristy chain restaurant will compare, even if the restaurant is right on the pier. But, quality seafood or not— giving my insatiable inner carnivore a mallet and a pile of things-that-once-lived is a solid recipe for fun.

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